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10 Cool Tips and Tricks to use Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Ever since the release of Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow, several Nexus device owners have faced a series of issues including major visual updates , installation problems, battery-life and charging issues, as well as a handful of performance inconvenience, reports Rupesh Sinha for Beebom. Google has shared 10 pretty cool tricks and tips for improving the overall Android 6.0 Marshmallow user experience.
10 Cool Tips and Tricks to use Android 6.0 update:
File Manager without interference of third party file manager app
As Stock Android has been criticized seriously for not featuring a proper file manager, Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes up with a hidden feature, regardless of the basic features like copy, move, and delete .To access the file manager without the interference of third party file manager app, go to Settings->Storage & USB->Internal storage and scroll down and tap “Explore“.
Enable System UI Tuner
Long pressing the settings cog icon, enables easy access to System UI Tuner which consists of a set of experimental features and settings on Marshmallow. 
Move Toggles in Notification Drawer
A single swipe down from top of the screen, in the Quick Settings area, expands a little further, displaying battery percentage, carrier information and shortcut to the settings menu. Users can move around the quick settings toggles and add new ones in the notification drawer by just holding on one icon and moving it by going to Settings->System UI Tuner->Quick Settings. This eliminates the issue of clustered status bar with Bluetooth, Alarm icons and many more.
Clean up status bar & enable Demo Mode:
The demo mode cleans up the status bar and by just entering Settings->System UI Tuner->Demo mode, enables demo mode.

Addresses biggest deal-Google Now On Tap
Google Now on Tap is perhaps the biggest deal, that basically shortcuts the need to search additional contextual information. The updated version replaces the old gesture by long pressing the home button to activate the Google Now on Tap, thereby offering time and context-sensitive notifications, information and reminders. To enable it, head over to Settings->Google->Search & Now->Now cards and turn on “Now on Tap“.
Phenomenal battery savings by Enable/Disable Doze mode
Doze is an intelligent battery management feature which reduces CPU and network activities while the device is idle. To enable or disable Doze mode go to Settings->Battery and tap the three dot menu and go to “Battery Optimization“.
Animations and Easter egg
Animations and transitions between apps, pages and settings are minor stuffs but it adds to the larger part of Marshmallow. The hidden Flappy Bird Easter Egg returns in Marshmallow with a bit of a makeover.  To play it, go to Settings->About Phone and keep tapping “Android version” or press hold the Marshmallow Easter egg to start the game.
RAM Manager
Marshmallow aims to provide tools to access detailed information about RAM usage which makes users more familiar with the memory use by the system and individual apps over different time frames. Marshmallow’s Memory Manager, is present in Settings-Memory->Memory used by apps. 
Internal Storage with “Adoptable Storage”
The enhancements with the latest version lets users use external storage as your internal storage. It provides users the option to choose any of the two options “portable storage” or “internal storage” once the microSD card is popped in for the first time.
Auto App Backup
Marshmallow delivers an automatic back up of apps and data. The Network security reset feature in the Backup and reset settings allows you to quickly reset and easily remove all passwords settings and connections associated with Bluetooth, cellular data and Wi-Fi. To synchronize your app data with the Google Drive storage go to Drive->Settings->Manage backups.
With these refined features of Marshmallow, Google promises users to take more control over their phone with improved performance along with new and simple ways to interact with their device.